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Monday, October 22, 2007
To blog or not to blog...
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Category: Life
Welcome to my myspace page & blog. I decided to call it "How's the Weather up There?" a poke at the question that once drove me crazy.

I will give this a shot. I hope my random thoughts aren't too boring...Maybe this can be my log of our wacky life on Guam.

This past weekend was the last before Pat leaves for the desert. Friday we hosted a happy hour party in honor of Julie's birthday. It was fun ( even though I had/have a wicked cold) and seemed to go well.

Saturday we went down to BIGNAVY and hit the NEX. For dinner we went to the "Mag NO Lia" chinese restaurant and while having dinner the power went out, not unheard of here. It was pitch black!! I guess the gerbils got tired of running in the wheel. I felt around and found my cell phone , & for a few minutes we ate by cell phone light until the owner went out got in her car, moved it to the front door and left the lights on while the patrons finished eating. I am still learning that I need to ask questions when eating here, I ordered the salt & pepper shrimp, which I have had in the states. Here however, it was cooked shell on..... reminds me of my 'steak du cheval' story...... ugh.

Sunday we went to church, came home and hung out since I am still kinda sick. Pat played golf which was good since he won't have the chance for a few months. We took some family pics for the Christmas card and had dinner with our neighbors. All in all a nice weekend.

Thats it for now. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Its beginning to look a lot like......summer (sigh)
Category: Life
I'm posting because I miss Fall! I should be pulling a long sleeve fleece out of the drawer and turning on the seat heat in my car in the mornings. Some how the fact that its Thanksgiving next week is lost on me, & not just because Pat's not here. Where are the frosty brown leaves, seeing my breath in the air, cranking the electric blanket to 10 while I brush my teeth so its toasty when I slip between the sheets????

Life on Guam has many strange and wonderful things about it.

I have to say the spectacular sunrises, sunsets and frequent and multiple rainbows are amazing. The view of the cliff off my kitchen/patio is breath taking and watching a heavy rainstorm blow in off the ocean and cover that cliff is cool. ( it means you have about 10 miutes to get your bum inside!)

I love that I have orchids growing out of coconut shells hanging off my patio, that I have a banana tree in my front yard ,and I recently 'planted' the top off of a pineapple from the grocery store and....its growing! We learned in Hawaii that it takes 2 years to get a fruit, so maybe right before we go...

There are weird things too, gross fauna (giant cane toads, snakes, nasty wasps) The way local people spray paint their own signs for all occasions, rusted out cars on the side of the road everywhere & the fact that all the local people (who are very nice, don't get me wrong) think nothing of telling me I am the biggest woman they have EVER seen! ( it may be true ,but please...)

The kids are out early all this week due to parent teacher conferences, so off to have some breakfast and vacuum before they get home.

I'm going to go light my pumpkin scented candle and crank down the A/C....

Thanks for reading, love, Tam

Thursday, November 15, 2007
another Guam life tidbit
Category: Life
I got 2 clothing catalogs in the mail today. 1 Lands End Christmas.

2 Coldwater Creek Summer Extravaganza. On the back it said "prices good through August 31st"

I HATE the mail system here....

Thursday, November 08, 2007
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Category: Life
Where has the time gone this week? In a way it's good , after tomorrow, only 10 more happy hours till my boyfriend comes home.

JP has decided to do Boy Scouts again. As a Boy Scout this time and not a cub. I am very glad to see him get involved in something, I worry about isolation with him sometimes. He is a lot shyer as he gets older, I guess its that preteen self conscious thing.

I killed my first 'boonie bee' wasp nest yesterday. They were building on my patio chair! That would have been an ugly surprise some Friday night. I must say that the "freezing spray" works wonders. DIE DIE.....

I have been having fun on the myspace getting new famous friends. Lots of country musicians , I think however that I may have to UNfriend William Shatner....he sends too much JUNK. I don't think a 'real' friend should send that .

Friday, November 02, 2007
that other thing ...
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Category: Life
That other thing I mentioned, in my previous blog about all the things that go wrong when your spouse leaves didn't include the mention of my Halloween night debacle. Trick or Treat was almost done, my kids were over at the neighbors haunted house & I had passed out the last of the candy & was cleaning up. 1 little girl came to the door and I said hang on , I'll get you something. I went to open the front door ...LOCKED, back door LOCKED. WTF? Went to a neighbor who kindly came over with tools to jerry-rig my lock (as he had done to his own the week before). While he was prodding away I had a revelation. Had I had forgotten to lock the kitchen window? Indeed I had, I 'borrowed' a small neighbor child and hoisted him thru ( Rach was bummed she wanted to but she weighs 20 more) he opened the front door,HOORAY!

Moral of the story, leave a key with a neighbor while your man is gone!

Thursday, November 01, 2007
When he goes on Det & Halloween....
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Category: Life
So~ we all know what happens about 2 hours after your man leaves on deployment. The tears are dried and the new routine begins. And then you dread.

Those of you not attached to the military may ask 'wait for what?' Any spouse will tell you....wait for things... to break, fall apart, crumble, flood, burn, disappear, get ripped, torn, you name it, it will become jacked up!

I was lucky... I had until the next morning, when I noticed that although I could read my incoming email, I couldn't send/reply via outlook anymore. Is is huge???, no I can go via gmail and do it all, but I was the start of it. Then later that day Microsoft word was acting wonky. Giving me lip about my 'global template' what ever that is.

I guess the next thing funny was our pumpkins. People have told me ,if you see something here you want BUY IT because it won't be there later. So a couple weeks ago at the NEX (navy exchange) I saw a few pathetic pumpkins at HIGH prices. Because we hadn't seen any others, bought 1 and we brought it home, kept it inside to keep it cool and went on about our lives. A

week or so later, they got some in a the COMM ( commisary) cheaper, bigger and nicer so I bought one of those too. Feeling pretty happy with myself.

My first clue should have been the weird spots... suffice to say over time they became FRANKEN-pumpkins! Finally we could wait no longer, it was the 30th. I "carved" was the grossest experience I've had in a l-o-n-g time. With Rachel saying 'can we eat the seeds?' as I am scraping out stuff that probably would have the CDC running , I'm thinking 'not so much'. I took the high pressure hose nozzle to them and that was that.

There is a happy ending.... a few days before, I found one of the last pumpkins in the COMM and bought it. It was 'healthy' when we carved it, toasted the seeds and all was well. It is the 'GO NAVY' pumpkin you see in my pictures. A little jab at the navy , who brought us the land of rotten pumpkins!

& in case your wondering what the next bad thing is ...that will be my next blog!

Sunday, October 28, 2007
Det Wife ...again~
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Category: Life
So, it's been 24 hours since half my heart left.

I don't care how many times you do it, how technology's improved it, the fact that it's only three months X 2, It still stinks! I may not cry as much as I once did, but it still hurts. Tried to keep busy today , church stuff, grocery, took the kids to the pool, invited to dinner by a kind friend and her family. Still have to go to bed alone. I tend to make a "horseshoe" of pillows for the first few weeks and keep his shirt under my pillow, some how it makes me feel safer and I can eventually fall asleep. I know it will suck having him gone for the holidays but a least they will mark time elapsing. My goal~ that the pity party will be done when I wake tomorrow. Here goes... three months to a better me. Pray better, eat better, exercise better, parent better, clean better ( OK I'm not a miracle worker) . LOL


Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Tuesday 10-23
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Category: Life
Happy Tuesday & Hafa Adai ~

Tuesdays are the day I volunteer at the Andersen Officers Spouse Club Gift Shop. It's a very cool place to shop. By volunteering not only do I get to check out all the goodies, but if you volunteer enough you can earn discount coupons! Plus the $ the shop earns goes to charity so its a win/win situation.

It is most definately the rainy season here, it has rained hard almost the entire day. After only 5 months here I have developed a strategy of sorts, try to carry an umbrella at all times, & if not... I suck it up! LOL They say the dry season begins in December...I can't wait. It's kind of hard to tell from my picture but that is a cliff & the ocean in the background and you can see storms roll in from the ocean, it's pretty cool!

Thanks for looking


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