Monday, May 25, 2009

It's the most awful time of year...

This is a common sight on my street lately, the moving truck. We are on the precipice of all our AF neighbor's PCS season. As a NAVY family we spend our lives moving, moving away... from family, good friends, houses we loved and put effort into...only to leave it all behind yet again. Generally, I don't mind moving. Closets get cleaned, it's easier to purge junk and there is something optimistic and exciting about heading to a new place. However, there is something sad & emotionally draining about being the last of your crowd to go. When you're the first you say goodbye, promise to keep in touch and you're off, but when you're the last, you say goodbye again and again and the landscape changes until the place is unrecognizable. This time, we are the last...and it stinks.

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