Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#3, Old Posts from another attemp

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Dad said it's time
Current mood: sleepy
Category: Life
Dad said it's about time I posted something new so here goes.
We had a Fun-tastic holiday weekend! One of the highlights was going snorkeling for the first time. There is a lot of that here on Guam. We rented equipment and went to a little protected cove on the Navy base called GabGab. It's considered an easy place to start out. It was great and I really enjoyed it. The fish and coral were beautiful. So many colors they didn't seem realistic. We took ramen noodles out and when you break the packages open under water the fish swirl around you to eat! It was an AMAZING experience I hope to try again.
We also spent all 3 of the evenings with our group of friends playing a crazy game called "catchphrase" it was a lot of fun.
I also got my 5th boonie bee bite Monday, this time on my ankle. I took benadryl immediately this time and applied ice. So although its swollen, I didn't have the allergic reaction like the last time. I am no longer doing any more yard work on Guam!
Well, I'm still chugging along on our wives groups "biggest loser" competition, so I guess I'd better get walking. 4# in 2 weeks. So far, so good :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008
a new Guam first
Current mood: sore
Category: Life
I knew it woud happen eventually, I managed to put it off for a year... I got my first 'boonie bee' sting/bite yesterday while weeding this ungodly overgrown bed in my front yard. Its on my right thumb and I don't mind saying it hurt like Hell at first. I put ice on it and that coupled with the 'sting kill' I bought last year (see I knew it would happen sometime) made it tolerable. My thumb is still a bit swollen today but it is so stiff and hard to bend. I'm going to the housing office this week and fill out one of those dumb 332 forms and get them to come clear out that bed. No more stings for me!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
list 2

a good book that I can't put down, my dog Jeb, old friends who know all my stories, new friends who laugh at my old stories, honey bees, thunder & lightning, Christmas, Halloween, seeing Pat in dress uniform, doing crafts, finding $ , Ruffles, HGTV, Bravo, Food Network, Jane Austen Movies, Making Pat & my Dad laugh, my select comfort bed, traveling in Europe & England.


confrontation, being addicted to the computer,using food to relieve stress, gecko poop, boonie bees, black mold, junked out cars, dead boonie dogs, being stared at, when I'm lazy/unmotivated, my hips, ants,potlucks,expensive makeup that looks like crap when you get it home, New Years Eve, .

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
The Lists
Current mood: thoughtful
So here begins my lists (not my idea, but a good one so I stole it)

LOVES: Let's get the obvious ones first, God, Pat, my kids, my family, the USA,

Smells: Pat's cologne, babies w/ baby magic, freshed baked cookies/bread/anything, real pine trees, plumeria

Tastes: fresh coffee with fat free french vanilla creamer, grapefruit, strawberries, dark chocolate, edy's lime bars,

Other: the ocean, clean sheets, french manicure, eating a salad that I didn't make, fresh snow that no one has walked on, watching my kids sleep, singing the Our Father, sleeping in, doing the crossword with Pat, back porching on Fridays, grilled filet mignon, hearing the National Anthem, finding a bargain,


People who don't accept personal responsibility,
Deployments I know it's your job honey, but it sucks
Religious extremists of any sort (this includes terrorists, atheists and people who can't accept that maybe God has more than 'one' way~Personally, I'd like us all to be Catholic but that is just me and ultimately...I am on board with not everyone being just like me).


People who think the government is there to 'take care' of us. (See 1 above)

Professional Politicians (No one should be a life long politician~although they may start off with good intentions they all get corrupted eventually.)

Hip Hop, Rap, and other crappy forms of music.


Global Warming...don't be an extemist! Nature is not stagnant people! Be a good steward of the gifts, educate, don't preach. Worry about yourself and what your legacy will be... not regulating everything everyone else does.

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Current mood: geeky
Category: Life
Wow, I felt the earth shake while in bed this morning....Oh yeah~~ before you 'go there', I'm a DET wife so ..... It was a 6.6 earthquake-- 225 miles WSW out in the ocean that made the light fixtures dance.

Monday, April 28, 2008
feeling jiggy
Current mood: stressed
Category: Life
So, now it's about 30 hours till departure and I'm starting to get that jiggy feeling... So many lists, out comes the suit case, honey do's left undone. All I want to do is cling...crap. 15 years of this crap and its still hard. UGH

Thursday, March 27, 2008
power and quake II
Current mood: savage
Category: Life
Just to make a notation for myself we had a 5.4 quake at about 6am. It was a doozie with the epicenter 15 miles north of Hagatna. That means it was right around here somewhere close!

Additionally we lost power for 2.5 hours today from 11-130. I am filling the gas cans & extra propane this weekend and Pat is going to tutor me on the generator this weekend. I’ve decided I’ve been too complacent long enough.

OOG baby OOG :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
see I TOLD you ....
Current mood: froggy
Category: Life
So yesterday we had our random monthly 3 1/2 hour power outtage. Lately they seem to be coming around dinner time, coincidently also on Mondays (always on Boy Scout night) and last night only on the "Rota" side of housing (so maybe they aren’t so random)! Just looking back through my blog posts and noticed that I only blog when I’m annoyed.

A couple hours w/o power and finally the ’emergency light’ in the kitchen went out. Finally at 9pm I decided that reading by my book light was lame and I went to sleep. I had purposely turned on my bedroom light so I would awake when the power came on. So about 9:35 the power was restored and everything kicked on. Now I was awake, and so I figured I would watch tv for a little while. As I lay in my bed I heard a loud BOOM and I think "WOW are the jets flying tonight?" No sooner did that thought form in my head than the shaking began and pretty hard I must say. EARTHQUAKE! It only lasted maybe 5 seconds but it was enough to make my windows rattle and my ceiling lamps sway. Its actually kind of a cool sensation.

A few minutes later as I drifted off to sleep I thought , OF COURSE.....Pat’s out of town. If you haven’t read my posts before weird stuff ALWAYS happens when the men go away. Oh crap! He’s leaving for a week in April, I’d better get my typhoon locker filled just in case!!!!..................... Go NAVY :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Bomb Drill
Current mood: annoyed
Category: Life
So~ every parent I know with a child in the base schools has been on pins & needles for 2 weeks thinking "Is this the day?" This is SO Dumb, not to mention that the kids are all totally jiggy. The other day JP said "I couldn't eat my lunch because I was so nervous " and Rachel is having 'evacuation' nightmares. Is it really needed? Does anyone REALLY think terrorists are coming to Guam to blow a bomb up in our elementary/middle school. I for one am SO over it!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Current mood: pirate
Category: Life
The power went out here yesterday for 3 hours and no one knew why. It was a beautiful sunny day, no typhoons , storms or anything. Life went on, I cooked dinner on the grill . I was in the middle of chopping when the power went out. It just went from shake and bake to grill and chill. I chatted outside with neighbors , wondered how long the 'emergency light' would last ( and wished I could turn it off to conserve it since it was still light out for a while) & if I should haul out the generator. I am happy to say we survived LOL.

By the way Dad, OOG stands for "Only on Guam" and is a moniker we all apply to the weird stuff that occurs here.

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