Sunday, May 31, 2009

One of the best parts of Guam...

As anyone will tell you the best part of being stationed here is not the weather, or the snorkeling, or even the ability to visit cool places, it is the friendships that you develop that make this tour not only tolerable but special. We celebrated our last Friday happy hour with friends Van de Walles & Briers. So fun and yet bittersweet at the same time.
We wish you all fair winds and following seas....

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's the most awful time of year...

This is a common sight on my street lately, the moving truck. We are on the precipice of all our AF neighbor's PCS season. As a NAVY family we spend our lives moving, moving away... from family, good friends, houses we loved and put effort into...only to leave it all behind yet again. Generally, I don't mind moving. Closets get cleaned, it's easier to purge junk and there is something optimistic and exciting about heading to a new place. However, there is something sad & emotionally draining about being the last of your crowd to go. When you're the first you say goodbye, promise to keep in touch and you're off, but when you're the last, you say goodbye again and again and the landscape changes until the place is unrecognizable. This time, we are the last...and it stinks.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the opened box

I don't think I know any of the lost HS 6 service members, but that doesn't really matter...
Helo pilots and crew perform a dangerous job, even the training is dangerous as we have been reminded again this week. As their wives, we have to put that thought in a box, seal it and put it far away in the back of our mind. If we leave it open too long it would cripple us and we could not perform our job, which is to love and care for that warrior and his family. But for today, that box is opened again and I pray for the lost souls and their families and friends, may God's peace be with you all.
And I will hug my helo pilot a little harder when he leaves today, he may not notice, but I will know why...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Backyard Fauna & a Sunset....ahh

Guam never ceases to amaze me. A young monitor lizard was sunning himself on a palm tree in my back yard this week, I felt a bit like the guy "Jim" in an old Wild Kingdom episode... I will stand safely over here while Tammie wrests the lizard from its habitat...

The sunsets here are one thing I will miss when we go. This pic is from the back of the Nimitz House on Naval Base Guam. This shot was taken from the Admirals house where I was attending a meeting this week.

In with the old , on with the new....

I have imported all the old posts from my old 'myspace' blog just so they would be in one place. I didn't want anyone to think I'm crazy. Here goes the fresh start.

#3, Old Posts from another attemp

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Dad said it's time
Current mood: sleepy
Category: Life
Dad said it's about time I posted something new so here goes.
We had a Fun-tastic holiday weekend! One of the highlights was going snorkeling for the first time. There is a lot of that here on Guam. We rented equipment and went to a little protected cove on the Navy base called GabGab. It's considered an easy place to start out. It was great and I really enjoyed it. The fish and coral were beautiful. So many colors they didn't seem realistic. We took ramen noodles out and when you break the packages open under water the fish swirl around you to eat! It was an AMAZING experience I hope to try again.
We also spent all 3 of the evenings with our group of friends playing a crazy game called "catchphrase" it was a lot of fun.
I also got my 5th boonie bee bite Monday, this time on my ankle. I took benadryl immediately this time and applied ice. So although its swollen, I didn't have the allergic reaction like the last time. I am no longer doing any more yard work on Guam!
Well, I'm still chugging along on our wives groups "biggest loser" competition, so I guess I'd better get walking. 4# in 2 weeks. So far, so good :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008
a new Guam first
Current mood: sore
Category: Life
I knew it woud happen eventually, I managed to put it off for a year... I got my first 'boonie bee' sting/bite yesterday while weeding this ungodly overgrown bed in my front yard. Its on my right thumb and I don't mind saying it hurt like Hell at first. I put ice on it and that coupled with the 'sting kill' I bought last year (see I knew it would happen sometime) made it tolerable. My thumb is still a bit swollen today but it is so stiff and hard to bend. I'm going to the housing office this week and fill out one of those dumb 332 forms and get them to come clear out that bed. No more stings for me!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
list 2

a good book that I can't put down, my dog Jeb, old friends who know all my stories, new friends who laugh at my old stories, honey bees, thunder & lightning, Christmas, Halloween, seeing Pat in dress uniform, doing crafts, finding $ , Ruffles, HGTV, Bravo, Food Network, Jane Austen Movies, Making Pat & my Dad laugh, my select comfort bed, traveling in Europe & England.


confrontation, being addicted to the computer,using food to relieve stress, gecko poop, boonie bees, black mold, junked out cars, dead boonie dogs, being stared at, when I'm lazy/unmotivated, my hips, ants,potlucks,expensive makeup that looks like crap when you get it home, New Years Eve, .

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
The Lists
Current mood: thoughtful
So here begins my lists (not my idea, but a good one so I stole it)

LOVES: Let's get the obvious ones first, God, Pat, my kids, my family, the USA,

Smells: Pat's cologne, babies w/ baby magic, freshed baked cookies/bread/anything, real pine trees, plumeria

Tastes: fresh coffee with fat free french vanilla creamer, grapefruit, strawberries, dark chocolate, edy's lime bars,

Other: the ocean, clean sheets, french manicure, eating a salad that I didn't make, fresh snow that no one has walked on, watching my kids sleep, singing the Our Father, sleeping in, doing the crossword with Pat, back porching on Fridays, grilled filet mignon, hearing the National Anthem, finding a bargain,


People who don't accept personal responsibility,
Deployments I know it's your job honey, but it sucks
Religious extremists of any sort (this includes terrorists, atheists and people who can't accept that maybe God has more than 'one' way~Personally, I'd like us all to be Catholic but that is just me and ultimately...I am on board with not everyone being just like me).


People who think the government is there to 'take care' of us. (See 1 above)

Professional Politicians (No one should be a life long politician~although they may start off with good intentions they all get corrupted eventually.)

Hip Hop, Rap, and other crappy forms of music.


Global Warming...don't be an extemist! Nature is not stagnant people! Be a good steward of the gifts, educate, don't preach. Worry about yourself and what your legacy will be... not regulating everything everyone else does.

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Current mood: geeky
Category: Life
Wow, I felt the earth shake while in bed this morning....Oh yeah~~ before you 'go there', I'm a DET wife so ..... It was a 6.6 earthquake-- 225 miles WSW out in the ocean that made the light fixtures dance.

Monday, April 28, 2008
feeling jiggy
Current mood: stressed
Category: Life
So, now it's about 30 hours till departure and I'm starting to get that jiggy feeling... So many lists, out comes the suit case, honey do's left undone. All I want to do is cling...crap. 15 years of this crap and its still hard. UGH

Thursday, March 27, 2008
power and quake II
Current mood: savage
Category: Life
Just to make a notation for myself we had a 5.4 quake at about 6am. It was a doozie with the epicenter 15 miles north of Hagatna. That means it was right around here somewhere close!

Additionally we lost power for 2.5 hours today from 11-130. I am filling the gas cans & extra propane this weekend and Pat is going to tutor me on the generator this weekend. I’ve decided I’ve been too complacent long enough.

OOG baby OOG :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
see I TOLD you ....
Current mood: froggy
Category: Life
So yesterday we had our random monthly 3 1/2 hour power outtage. Lately they seem to be coming around dinner time, coincidently also on Mondays (always on Boy Scout night) and last night only on the "Rota" side of housing (so maybe they aren’t so random)! Just looking back through my blog posts and noticed that I only blog when I’m annoyed.

A couple hours w/o power and finally the ’emergency light’ in the kitchen went out. Finally at 9pm I decided that reading by my book light was lame and I went to sleep. I had purposely turned on my bedroom light so I would awake when the power came on. So about 9:35 the power was restored and everything kicked on. Now I was awake, and so I figured I would watch tv for a little while. As I lay in my bed I heard a loud BOOM and I think "WOW are the jets flying tonight?" No sooner did that thought form in my head than the shaking began and pretty hard I must say. EARTHQUAKE! It only lasted maybe 5 seconds but it was enough to make my windows rattle and my ceiling lamps sway. Its actually kind of a cool sensation.

A few minutes later as I drifted off to sleep I thought , OF COURSE.....Pat’s out of town. If you haven’t read my posts before weird stuff ALWAYS happens when the men go away. Oh crap! He’s leaving for a week in April, I’d better get my typhoon locker filled just in case!!!!..................... Go NAVY :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Bomb Drill
Current mood: annoyed
Category: Life
So~ every parent I know with a child in the base schools has been on pins & needles for 2 weeks thinking "Is this the day?" This is SO Dumb, not to mention that the kids are all totally jiggy. The other day JP said "I couldn't eat my lunch because I was so nervous " and Rachel is having 'evacuation' nightmares. Is it really needed? Does anyone REALLY think terrorists are coming to Guam to blow a bomb up in our elementary/middle school. I for one am SO over it!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Current mood: pirate
Category: Life
The power went out here yesterday for 3 hours and no one knew why. It was a beautiful sunny day, no typhoons , storms or anything. Life went on, I cooked dinner on the grill . I was in the middle of chopping when the power went out. It just went from shake and bake to grill and chill. I chatted outside with neighbors , wondered how long the 'emergency light' would last ( and wished I could turn it off to conserve it since it was still light out for a while) & if I should haul out the generator. I am happy to say we survived LOL.

By the way Dad, OOG stands for "Only on Guam" and is a moniker we all apply to the weird stuff that occurs here.

#2 , Old posts from another attempt

Thursday, February 07, 2008
The "V" word...
Category: Life
You probably thought this was gonna be naughty, sorry to disappoint. The "V" stands for volunteer. I am no longer going to volunteer for stuff that's not Fun or Fullfilling. I had alot of plans for Guam, but I let myself get a bit overextended and so I am going to scale back once these commitments are met. Next fall my priorities are FUN and Fullfillment. I am going to learn to say NO. If it doesn't fall into one of those categories, I am not going to put myself there. I want our OSC to be great fun, I want to learn to play golf , I want to go to lunch with friends and get pedicures when I feel like it. That sounds pretty simple ~ FUN and Fullfillment, too bad I can't title my blog entry the "F" words.......

Sunday, February 03, 2008
It’s A Wonderful Life
Current mood: ecstatic
Category: Life
All is right with the world today!

My darling husband is home safe and sound, on his 40th birthday. & I have a beautiful new neice Susannah Grace Tusher our little "groundhog' born Febraury 2nd.

I am going to relax and enjoy this perfect awesome fantastic day.

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Monday, January 28, 2008
5 days!
Category: Life

It just dawned on me ( no disrepect to my friend Dawn) that in 5 days my boyfriend will be HOME! I wanted to lose 20 pounds, run a 5K, paint the bathroom , landscape the yard and learn to play golf....well is one out of 5 bad? (painting , in case you wondered) Isn't it always the way, they leave and you set lofty goals and then somehow, even though it seemed as though you had 'forever' now the time is up and they are on their way. It's like someone elses pregnancy, it seems like it took no time at all. BTW~ I am so looking forward to being an Aunt again very soon.

Well , unless I plan to cut off my arm , run until I'm dead , hire a contractor or sneak out on the 8th green at night... in the next 4 days, I guess those goals will have to wait. In the Navy there's always another deployment, so next time...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Current mood: nauseated
Category: Life
So, this morning I am minding my own beeswax and decide to have a 2nd cup of coffee. I reach into the cupboard to get a pack of Splenda and when I pulled my hand out a GECKO was sitting on my hand. UGH , I am ashamed to say I freaked, screamed and flung it & the packet somewhere.( I know they are harmless and eat bugs etc. but Pleeeeze) I found the packet later, the gecko not so much. I KNOW I heard it 'hit' ...I am just not sure where..... It took me about 1/2 an hour till my heebie jeebies went away and I finally felt brave enough to try again.... OOG

Monday, December 31, 2007
Happy New Year
Current mood: blessed
Category: Life
Happy New Year from the place where America's day begins. 2007 was memorable and I feel very blessed. I am optimistic about what lies ahead in 2008.

May God bless us all, grant us peace ,prosperity, happiness and the gift of being together.


Saturday, December 29, 2007
Current mood: jubilant
Category: Life
I got the surprise of my life yesterday. A long story short, my darling husband sent me a BEAUTIFUL carpet from the desert as a Christmas gift. I had always teased that this wasn't a deployment but rather a "rug shopping trip", but never did I expect this. It is simply stunning, all my favorite colors and a beautiful pattern. It's a treasure that will be with us for our lifetime. I'm going to have to borrow those moving things from Dawn ...and find the perfect place in my tiny bunker for a giant (10x13) new blessing.

4Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Ghost of Christmas past
Current mood: peaceful
Category: Life

Well Christmas 2007 has come and gone and thankfully we seem to have survived all in one piece. The neighborhood rite of passage ~ 'Rota Walk' on the 22nd was an interesting experience. Sort of a christmas circus of chaos punctuated by armoured vehicles, fake training bombs and a giant red anatomically correct stallion, all strung with lights.(The base general had suggested that everyone show their unit pride, hence the heavy equipment.) Some people were joking that it was "peace on earth via superior firepower". At the suggestion of a neighbor I walked the street early to get the feel of everything and then came back and settled in. Mostly it was good, I think it is a pretty cool concept...but maybe some folks should tone it down a bit.... Right at the very end a cold front swept thru and blew in a heavy, cold downpour. That ended things on the spot and I wasn't necessarily sorry about it. The only bad thing was that about 12 people took shelter in my house and it was a MESS! I guess that will teach me for next year. At least I had plenty of beer and cookies to offer.

Sunday was pretty mellow which was nice, we mostly hung out and enjoyed not having a schedule. Monday we passed out treats to all the neighbors & that night dinner and cocktails were hosted by our FBI neighbors and we had a lovely time. I tried to make my favorite yeast rolls as a treat, but whether it was the guam yeast, the humidity, or the poor chef, they turned into buttery hockey pucks dang!

We got up at 7 on Christmas day (per my direct order, no earlier) and spent about 45 minutes opening gifts. I think the kids got most everything that they wanted and so other than really missing having Pat here, it was fine. We went to the Christmas Day mass on base and enjoyed the visiting priest. It was brutally cold in the chapel, I think I may actually call to complain. It is always wise to bring a sweater and wear pants in there, but this was ridiculous. Christmas dinner was hosted by Pat's bosses family and was very pleasant and delicious.

Today , I called all the family back in the states and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. I think that this is one of the hardest things about being out here, its just that you are certainly more than a long car ride away at important times like this. Same with Pat being deployed, its just a helpless feeling.

So tonight it will be a peaceful & **Silent night**.

Happy Birthday Jesus & Thanks be to God. I am grateful for the reminder of this great gift to our world.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2008.


Sunday, December 16, 2007
a long weekend
Current mood: sleepy
Category: Life
Its been a long weekend, coming off a week of sickness for everyone in the house. Why is it mom is the last one to get well....doing to much I guess. Our squadron Christmas party was very nice they did a great job. I was still recovering so I wasn't all that festive but it was still a good time. The house is starting to look great for Rota Walk, I have had some very nice elves help me (cause I am sure as heck not getting on the roof or climbing coconut trees!). I have to see if I can scrounge up a few more outdoor power cords to illuminate the 3 spriral trees I have left, then it should be good. Worse case, I use the 'indoor' ones for one night only, fire codes be damned. I will have to see what kind of pics I can take. Well early to bed for me ~ that mandatory power washing kicked my butt.
Thursday, December 13, 2007
sick-o yuck-o
Current mood: exhausted
Category: Life
OK, I don't really get sick. However I've been sick twice since Pat left and this time is a doosey. The kids have it too & although we share some symptoms we all have our own unique vesion of this crud. Mine is throat & ear canals w/ fever & aches. JP is fever , stomach ache and sore throat. Rachel was runny nose cough, fever. Thankfully , its seems that we are on the uphill swing. Just in time for the squadron Xmas party. I will go , at least I can sit in the corner and make fun of drunk people.

At least its not the week before Rota walk or actual Christmas week.

Monday, November 19, 2007
Holy Cow and its not even TYCOR anything
Current mood: drained
Category: Life
WOW today was quite the windy rainy day here on AAFB! I woke at 430am to the sound of roaring wind and blowing heavy rain. I finally manged to fall back to sleep and woke at 630 to what apperared to be a calmer morning.

Got the kids off to school w/o a hitch and headed home for coffee and calls to the states. ( I like to call them on their Sunday night). While talking to my brother in Atlanta, I mentioned that it was stormy and getting pretty windy again. While we were talking I noticed my rear neighbors trampoline was wobbling but didn't think that much of it. I was on the cordless phone and walked around, on my second pass by my kitchen window I noticed the trampoline had now moved a couple of feet and was up against a coconut tree . I stopped to watch... as I was chatting it lifted off the ground and folded taco style! I shouted "OH S&*T , I gotta go!" and hung up on my brother as it flew across my yard headed toward my patio and kitchen window. Thankfully, it listed to the right a bit and went instead to the back side of the house, out of my line of sight. The storm continued for a while longer then subsided. I went outside and saw the trampoline hanging from the corner of the roof to the ground. I waited to hear from my neighbor , but after a bit I called her and asked her to look out her window. She came out with her son and the 3 of us cleaned it up. It was a total wreck. What a way to start the week. Its been rainy and stormy on and off all day here. Crazy Guam!

Old Old Posts from another attempt....

Monday, October 22, 2007
To blog or not to blog...
Current mood: enthralled
Category: Life
Welcome to my myspace page & blog. I decided to call it "How's the Weather up There?" a poke at the question that once drove me crazy.

I will give this a shot. I hope my random thoughts aren't too boring...Maybe this can be my log of our wacky life on Guam.

This past weekend was the last before Pat leaves for the desert. Friday we hosted a happy hour party in honor of Julie's birthday. It was fun ( even though I had/have a wicked cold) and seemed to go well.

Saturday we went down to BIGNAVY and hit the NEX. For dinner we went to the "Mag NO Lia" chinese restaurant and while having dinner the power went out, not unheard of here. It was pitch black!! I guess the gerbils got tired of running in the wheel. I felt around and found my cell phone , & for a few minutes we ate by cell phone light until the owner went out got in her car, moved it to the front door and left the lights on while the patrons finished eating. I am still learning that I need to ask questions when eating here, I ordered the salt & pepper shrimp, which I have had in the states. Here however, it was cooked shell on..... reminds me of my 'steak du cheval' story...... ugh.

Sunday we went to church, came home and hung out since I am still kinda sick. Pat played golf which was good since he won't have the chance for a few months. We took some family pics for the Christmas card and had dinner with our neighbors. All in all a nice weekend.

Thats it for now. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Its beginning to look a lot like......summer (sigh)
Category: Life
I'm posting because I miss Fall! I should be pulling a long sleeve fleece out of the drawer and turning on the seat heat in my car in the mornings. Some how the fact that its Thanksgiving next week is lost on me, & not just because Pat's not here. Where are the frosty brown leaves, seeing my breath in the air, cranking the electric blanket to 10 while I brush my teeth so its toasty when I slip between the sheets????

Life on Guam has many strange and wonderful things about it.

I have to say the spectacular sunrises, sunsets and frequent and multiple rainbows are amazing. The view of the cliff off my kitchen/patio is breath taking and watching a heavy rainstorm blow in off the ocean and cover that cliff is cool. ( it means you have about 10 miutes to get your bum inside!)

I love that I have orchids growing out of coconut shells hanging off my patio, that I have a banana tree in my front yard ,and I recently 'planted' the top off of a pineapple from the grocery store and....its growing! We learned in Hawaii that it takes 2 years to get a fruit, so maybe right before we go...

There are weird things too, gross fauna (giant cane toads, snakes, nasty wasps) The way local people spray paint their own signs for all occasions, rusted out cars on the side of the road everywhere & the fact that all the local people (who are very nice, don't get me wrong) think nothing of telling me I am the biggest woman they have EVER seen! ( it may be true ,but please...)

The kids are out early all this week due to parent teacher conferences, so off to have some breakfast and vacuum before they get home.

I'm going to go light my pumpkin scented candle and crank down the A/C....

Thanks for reading, love, Tam

Thursday, November 15, 2007
another Guam life tidbit
Category: Life
I got 2 clothing catalogs in the mail today. 1 Lands End Christmas.

2 Coldwater Creek Summer Extravaganza. On the back it said "prices good through August 31st"

I HATE the mail system here....

Thursday, November 08, 2007
Current mood: mellow
Category: Life
Where has the time gone this week? In a way it's good , after tomorrow, only 10 more happy hours till my boyfriend comes home.

JP has decided to do Boy Scouts again. As a Boy Scout this time and not a cub. I am very glad to see him get involved in something, I worry about isolation with him sometimes. He is a lot shyer as he gets older, I guess its that preteen self conscious thing.

I killed my first 'boonie bee' wasp nest yesterday. They were building on my patio chair! That would have been an ugly surprise some Friday night. I must say that the "freezing spray" works wonders. DIE DIE.....

I have been having fun on the myspace getting new famous friends. Lots of country musicians , I think however that I may have to UNfriend William Shatner....he sends too much JUNK. I don't think a 'real' friend should send that .

Friday, November 02, 2007
that other thing ...
Current mood: quixotic
Category: Life
That other thing I mentioned, in my previous blog about all the things that go wrong when your spouse leaves didn't include the mention of my Halloween night debacle. Trick or Treat was almost done, my kids were over at the neighbors haunted house & I had passed out the last of the candy & was cleaning up. 1 little girl came to the door and I said hang on , I'll get you something. I went to open the front door ...LOCKED, back door LOCKED. WTF? Went to a neighbor who kindly came over with tools to jerry-rig my lock (as he had done to his own the week before). While he was prodding away I had a revelation. Had I had forgotten to lock the kitchen window? Indeed I had, I 'borrowed' a small neighbor child and hoisted him thru ( Rach was bummed she wanted to but she weighs 20 more) he opened the front door,HOORAY!

Moral of the story, leave a key with a neighbor while your man is gone!

Thursday, November 01, 2007
When he goes on Det & Halloween....
Current mood: cynical
Category: Life
So~ we all know what happens about 2 hours after your man leaves on deployment. The tears are dried and the new routine begins. And then you dread.

Those of you not attached to the military may ask 'wait for what?' Any spouse will tell you....wait for things... to break, fall apart, crumble, flood, burn, disappear, get ripped, torn, you name it, it will become jacked up!

I was lucky... I had until the next morning, when I noticed that although I could read my incoming email, I couldn't send/reply via outlook anymore. Is is huge???, no I can go via gmail and do it all, but I was the start of it. Then later that day Microsoft word was acting wonky. Giving me lip about my 'global template' what ever that is.

I guess the next thing funny was our pumpkins. People have told me ,if you see something here you want BUY IT because it won't be there later. So a couple weeks ago at the NEX (navy exchange) I saw a few pathetic pumpkins at HIGH prices. Because we hadn't seen any others, bought 1 and we brought it home, kept it inside to keep it cool and went on about our lives. A

week or so later, they got some in a the COMM ( commisary) cheaper, bigger and nicer so I bought one of those too. Feeling pretty happy with myself.

My first clue should have been the weird spots... suffice to say over time they became FRANKEN-pumpkins! Finally we could wait no longer, it was the 30th. I "carved" was the grossest experience I've had in a l-o-n-g time. With Rachel saying 'can we eat the seeds?' as I am scraping out stuff that probably would have the CDC running , I'm thinking 'not so much'. I took the high pressure hose nozzle to them and that was that.

There is a happy ending.... a few days before, I found one of the last pumpkins in the COMM and bought it. It was 'healthy' when we carved it, toasted the seeds and all was well. It is the 'GO NAVY' pumpkin you see in my pictures. A little jab at the navy , who brought us the land of rotten pumpkins!

& in case your wondering what the next bad thing is ...that will be my next blog!

Sunday, October 28, 2007
Det Wife ...again~
Current mood: numb
Category: Life
So, it's been 24 hours since half my heart left.

I don't care how many times you do it, how technology's improved it, the fact that it's only three months X 2, It still stinks! I may not cry as much as I once did, but it still hurts. Tried to keep busy today , church stuff, grocery, took the kids to the pool, invited to dinner by a kind friend and her family. Still have to go to bed alone. I tend to make a "horseshoe" of pillows for the first few weeks and keep his shirt under my pillow, some how it makes me feel safer and I can eventually fall asleep. I know it will suck having him gone for the holidays but a least they will mark time elapsing. My goal~ that the pity party will be done when I wake tomorrow. Here goes... three months to a better me. Pray better, eat better, exercise better, parent better, clean better ( OK I'm not a miracle worker) . LOL


Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Tuesday 10-23
Current mood: good
Category: Life
Happy Tuesday & Hafa Adai ~

Tuesdays are the day I volunteer at the Andersen Officers Spouse Club Gift Shop. It's a very cool place to shop. By volunteering not only do I get to check out all the goodies, but if you volunteer enough you can earn discount coupons! Plus the $ the shop earns goes to charity so its a win/win situation.

It is most definately the rainy season here, it has rained hard almost the entire day. After only 5 months here I have developed a strategy of sorts, try to carry an umbrella at all times, & if not... I suck it up! LOL They say the dry season begins in December...I can't wait. It's kind of hard to tell from my picture but that is a cliff & the ocean in the background and you can see storms roll in from the ocean, it's pretty cool!

Thanks for looking


It's about time....

It's about time I/we jumped on the band wagon and created our our blog. Pictures, adventures, the ordinary, the extraordinary, kuddos and complaints. If it happens at Casa de Everly, it will be here. Enjoy!