Sunday, May 6, 2012

TTE Designs First Bead Challenge

I have been  seriously working on growing and solidifying my little TTE Designs business for just over a year now. So far I am reasonably happy with what I have done. It's certainly all been trial and error and most of what I have learned along the way has come via the internet. You Tube, blogs, how to tutorials, Etsy, Art Fire, frankly just GOOGLE what you are looking for and viola' there it is.

One of the things I have hooked into lately are a few groups on Face Book that are bead/jewelry-centric. These groups (of mostly gals) have been a wonderful resource for inspiration and knowledge. 

I started this blog a few years back while we were stationed on Guam as a way to chronicle our adventures and for the friends and family back home to see what was going on.  Since we've been back in the states and time zones are more friendly, it hasn't seemed so important to write every thing down. Until recently that is.
One of the many interesting things I've been sucked into is reading crafter and artisans blogs. I love seeing what others are creating, media's that are foreign and some that are familiar. How inspiring. From these blogs the concept of a 'Blog Hop' arose.  What a great idea to encourage people to check out MY stuff.

I finally decided that I had the nerve to jump onto one of these hops and so I began to look for one that suited me.  Into my lap fell the "Cocktail Hour Blog Hop" hosted by Amy Freeland of 'Copper Diem'.
I love fun cocktails and even though I am a light weight now I still enjoy one or two with the best of them. I eagerly awaited my assignment ~ the "Screwdriver".  Now the real fun begins.  
I am certainly challenged by the color. Now time for the research
I think I will go watch a few seasons of MAD MEN. I bet Joan and Betty slugged down a few screwdrivers in their day......

"Why Yes Don, I'll have the Screwdriver"

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  1. Mad men and cocktails! Sounds like a great plan! Thanks for joining us!