Friday, May 25, 2012

"Cocktail Hour" Jewelry Blog Hop

Hello & Welcome Dear Visitor,
  I've been a Navy wife for almost 20 years. Transferring with my husband and kids from duty station to duty station. I grew up a gypsy too. As you can imagine, I'm actually pretty good at moving.  Recently I decided to join my first ever blog hop to challenge myself creatively and promote my little venture, TTE Designs.  I chose the "Cocktail Hour" hop by Amy Freeland of Copper Diem. 

  The real challenge for me is that we are moving right in the middle of this event.  What's a girl to do? Both of course! 
I applied for the challenge and got my inspiration beverage~ The Screwdriver.
Perfect, I don't often do a lot with oranges and yellows so it was truly a challenge artistically too. My other 'self challenge' is to use items from my stash only, we are moving and I don't want to add anything right now.
I spent a weekend gathering any supplies that I thought might fit the bill and watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men to get me in the groove.  
Wikipedia says the first written reference to 
the Screwdriver was in a 1949 issue of Time magazine. I am a baby of the 60's and I certainly remember my folks serving these at parties, so I am going for more of a 60's vibe. 
  I spent  Sunday working on some other things while looking at my stash. Suddenly, it hit me, a 'groovy' charm bracelet and earrings, in citrus colors and silver like a cocktail shaker!  Once the picture was in my head the execution came quickly.  I combined Mother of Pearl circles in sunny yellow/orange with orange and yellow faceted crystals and lime green AB seed beads. Silver plated head pins, silver plated
 jump rings and chain. Finished off with 
a silver plated hammered toggle clasp.
I am writing this ahead of time, we start packing out next week, and by the time you read this I will be in a new city, moving in and unpacking. 
I will most certainly be in need of a cocktail!

Thanks to Amy Freeland for hosting.
I appreciate you looking  today, comments are appreciated greatly and please check out my FaceBook page for  TTE Designs.  
Additionally, I was so inspired by this blog challenge that I have created a new blog dedicated to my TTE Designs~ 

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Ingredients  60 ml vodka  +   freshly squeezed juice of 1 large orange

Shake vodka and orange juice well with ice cubes. Or pour into a blender and blend with ice at high speed for five seconds.   Strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.


  1. What a fun set! I love your photo with the cocktail shaker. Perfect!

  2. Your design fits the bill PERFECTLY! And, it's great that you had the beads in your stash! Love the pics, too! I hope you have a smooth move!!

  3. this IS a groovy little set! Love a cha cha bracelet, always & the rounds are perfect oranges, nice work.

  4. What a fun set, I love them. Captured the screwdriver perfectly! Good luck with your move and enjoy your after cocktails!

  5. Those came out so cute! They are perfect for the theme! What a fun bracelet, too - love it! thanks for hopping :)

  6. Cute! I love the round beads you used.

  7. So cute! The donuts look like orange slices :)

  8. Very cute and great interpretation! Good luck on your move!

  9. What a fun piece, and so perfect for your cocktail. This piece is perfect for summer! Welcome to you first blog hop!

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I appreciate you taking the time to look & to comment~

  11. SO MUCH FUN!!! those round, circle beads look just like orange slices!! great compliment to your cocktail!

  12. Yummy!!! I can almost taste the oranges. This s good enough to eat. My favorite!!

  13. Gorgeous colours, this bracelet is such fun!
    Deb x

  14. Great pieces - you go girl for moving and blogging and making jewelry :-) I am a Navy brat and now we are and Air Force family - if you are headed DC way let me know and I can show you where all the beads stores are :-)

  15. That is a great set! Love your color choices, and the overall design. And totally impressed with your moving/organizing skills!

  16. This is an amazing Groovy piece, I love it! Those mother of pearl discs are great!

  17. What a totally fun design (Sonya stole my groovy) I love what you did and moving at the same time! Awesome!

  18. I think you represented your drink perfectly! What a fun piece and I love the colors!

  19. My daughter's gushing over your showcased pieces here. Do you sell them? If ever, how can get them? I'm not just an online platinum buyer, but also buy beaded jewelries online as well. They are for my mini boutique handled by my wife and daughter Calypso..