Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving 2012..

Well it's now February 2012 and our current Casa De Everly is now officially on the market. Thus begins the seemingly never ending constant of military life ... the move.

Moving is a bittersweet process, exciting, wrenching, stress filled and pleasant all in one cyclone of activity.

Currently we are in what I call "stage one". The house is on the market, which means constant cleaning and freaking out about a glass in the sink or some toothpaste stuck to the faucet. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean house, but I despise house cleaning. I never understood those ladies (you know who you are) who find cleaning 'relaxing' or 'theraputic'. To that I say~ gag me! I would much rather curl up with a great craft project, read a book or take a nap than scrub a tub or god forbid, mop a floor. The only 2 house cleaning tasks I don't mind are vacuuming & laundry, although more often than not clothes get a few "extra tumbles" to get the wrinkles out before folding.

We have a few more challenges this time too. Pat & the kids are all in school till June, and we have to make arrangements for Pat's dad who currently lives with us to move to a senior community. Our time back in NoVa/DC has been good, but I am SO ready to be back near the ocean, why else would I marry a Navy man?

I'm off now to scrub something....

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