Thursday, December 15, 2011

TTE Designs

TTE Designs started with the encouragement of family & friends. I have always been crafty, growing up with talented parents who always made all sorts of things. I didn't realize that not everyone did that till I was in high school.  I had some great art teachers along the way too and have always had my hand in something of interest.  Personally I'd rather make it than buy it. 
In the past couple of years while on Guam I started making Guam-centric greeting cards that sold at the AAFB gift shop. I also made jewelry for myself and to give away.  After we moved back to Virginia at the urging of my friend Lora & my husband Pat. I signed up for my 1st craft show in March and the rest of this year has been a growing snowball of learning and growing.  I focus mostly on jewelry and polymer clay items, but I am always interested in all sorts of things. Now it's December, I've done 8 shows , some with friends and some alone. I find great satisfaction in making something that someone says "Wow I really like that" & " Can I buy that?" WHO KNEW?? Plus once they buy it I can buy more goodies to make something else!  So once the holidays are done I'm certain that I will get back in the craft room regularly and create.  I guess I need to start thinking seriously about making this thing "real" but for now, it's just for fun.
Sodalite & silver

polymer clay pendant & earrings
Polymer clay ornament

multi semi precious gemstones

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